Chuck Berry wasn’t the half of it.

On my flight back home Friday night, they had Dennis Miller doing the safety briefing.

I think Dennis Miller is a lot less amusing now that he appears to have given up sugar or cocaine or degenerate sex with howler monkeys or whatever it was that fueled his late-80s, early-90s Weekend Report delivery.

Maybe he was High On Life, but I kinda doubt it.

On the way back to DC on Sunday, though, they had the most amusing, or at least appropriate, selection (though still nowhere as good as Chuck Berry for delivery; Chuck really seemed to get into it): “James Carville”: and Mary Matalin.

Now, if only they flew into Reagan National instead of Dulles, I might stick with Independence–really, though, it’s hard for me to justify saving $10 or $20 when it takes me an hour to get from work to Dulles and should take roughly 20 minutes to get to Reagan National.

Of course, I pretty much detest Reagan, whereas John Foster Dulles seems to have been a fairly reasonable guy.

And I found the linked image of James Carville while looking at outside referrals to our servers–apparently it’s a popular, if scary, image. 😉

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