Bob Moog, 71, dies of cancer

Oh, man, that sucks. Just three years after he regained the right to use of his own name in his company (Moog having become a trademark of another company when he was forced to sell off the assests of his original company), he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Three months later, this.

I would guess you have to have to be an afficianado of a certain period and style of music for Moog to be a household word, but you’ve heard the sound of his synthesizers whether you know it or not.

I heard about this at dinner

Tonight we went to a wine tasting dinner at “Panzanella”: (featuring the wines of “Hanover Park Vineyard”:, which were quite good, incidentally, as was the food). We went with a couple of friends, but ended up, as one would hope, talking with the other people at the table quite extensively.

One of whom mentioned, apropos of something that I forget, the existence of the “Rap Canterbury Tales”:

I really don’t know what one can add beyond the obvious, that the existence of such a thing is both delightful and horrifying.