Kindle 2, redux

“Just a little shy of two months ago”:, I noted that I really, really liked the looks of the Kindle 2, etc., but that I simply could not in good faith allow someone else to hold my content hostage via DRM.

No doubt people scoffed at the possibility. Two months later, “it happened to someone”:

And I’m sure as hell never buying one.


If it weren’t for the DRM

…honestly, I’d probably have already ordered a Kindle 2. It looks like it resolved all my aesthetic issues with the original Kindle, and watching Jeff Bezos sling one around on [_The Daily Show_], it looks light and easy. Oh, to be able to easily search books. And all that jazz.

But I’ll be goddamned if I’ll put myself in a position where someone can suddenly declare that I can’t read the book I damned well paid for.