This is what I love to see in live performances

To say that David remakes “Andy Warhol” in this performance is kind of an understatement. I mean, I love the original, but if I wanted to listen to that, well, I’ve got the CD. This is something that lives only on this tour, perhaps only in this moment.

“Andy walking, Andy tired, Andy take a little snooze.”

From 0 to thunderstorm in 1:40…

You’ve probably seen “this video”: already, but if not, check it out. The speed with which the beach goes from “nice day” to “black as night” is pretty intimidating.

Incidentally, I already had a category for “weather”. WTF?

Why many anti-flu vaccine people annoy me

So, a friend on facebook posted this, and it pisses me off enough that I really need to vent:

I’ve held my tongue about a lot of the anti-flu-vaccine talk that’s been flying around because while I think it is pretty baseless, ehh, it’s the flu, who cares–as long as you’re pretty healthy going into it, you’re going to endure a week of feeling like crap, and maybe if you’re unlucky, a nice bout of pneumonia.

(Hopefully not a multi-drug resistant strain, in which case you might be screwed, since it’s always been true that it’s usually follow-on infections that kill you, rather than the flu itself)

Anyway, I, myself, am very inconsistent about getting vaccinated–sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t–so I’m not going to whine at people to go do it.

However, I draw the line at anyone who believes all vaccinations are bad–as the person who captioned this video does, and as many, many people going on about not getting the H1N1 vaccination give the impression of believing–is at best, spectacularly ignorant.

At worst, they’re a *Dangerous Fucking Idiot*.

Don’t believe me? Two words: “smallpox”:, “polio”:

Go research *those*, and understand that vaccines are too important a tool for their application to be governed by knee-jerk reactions either for or against, and if you’re helping to create an environment where people are fearful of vaccines, one day it is going to backfire when something much worse than mere flu comes along.

I feel like I am living in the 18th century when it comes to this shit. I have no love of Big Pharma, but fucking-A, people, sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt like this is neither helpful nor productive.

I would like to think that I would laugh

A visitor to Japan put her camera into video record mode and sent it around the sushi conveyor belt. It’s fun to watch.

The thing that always strikes me about videos like this is how few people seem to find amusement at this person’s creative engagement with her world. To me, this seems delightful, but so many people either never notice, or don’t fine amusement, it makes me a little sad.