Robert Fripp on movies

(from “his diary”:, April 22, 2004)

bq. 23.17 The Punisher. My sister is still trying to rationalize B movies, now after watching them with her brother for at least 50 years. I suggest to my Sister that the plot details of B movies are irrational: accept that people do things that are contradictory, against their own best interests, have short term aims & limited attention span, and do incredibly stupid things while things blow up. Apart from things blowing up, this is just like the music industry.

But experiencing my Sister experiencing the irrational adventures of a B movie is itself a movie entertainment.

Neal Stephenson, The Confusion

bq.The dream was interrupted by the raucous vehement on-rush of the carriage of the Marquis d’Ozoir, which was about as fitting and about as welcome in this scene as musketry at a seduction.