It was 52 weeks ago that I taught my first yoga class. I now find myself on the hook for four, at three different studios. I think I’m going to be gradually cutting back just a bit, as that’s at least one, perhaps two more than I really need to be teaching.

Everyone’s a building, burning…

The Guardian has a gallery of portraits of people immediately before and immediately after death.

The sense of repose in the after pictures is wonderful. The varied expressions of life in the before pictures are beautiful. It’s 11 pairs of photos; it might be a lot to go through in one sitting, but you need to look.

It makes me a little sad that in their statements accompanying so many of the people–all of whom, I believe, were suffering from terminal illnesses–felt cheated.

There have been times in my life–and will be again, I’ve no doubt–where I’ve been unhappy, or disengaged, but there’s no way I could ever feel cheated.

Omnia mutantur nihil interit.