“Something new for the feed reader”:

Complete with video of Rachel Maddow (yes, that one) “making a cocktail”:

I think I just had a moment of personal revelation

Listening to [_Blue Oyster Cult_]’s “Cities on Flame”, I realized that the reason all of these older albums I love have comparatively wimpy-sounding drum tracks is because the drummers are too good–to make a big goddamned noise, you have to hit so hard that you lose any notion of subtlety.

John Bonham is arguably the prominent exception. Even when he’s beating the crap out of his kit–on “We’re Gonna Groove”, for instance (though listening back to it, its drum track is less in-your-face than I imagine it to be)–he’s still got a very subtle way with timing.


Obviously, seeing the Beatles has been an impossibility for most of my lifetime. I saw the Stones on one of their last tours with Wyman, though, honestly, I fall on the Beatles side of the great divide.

Why, then, have I not bothered to see the band for whom I have more affection than either of those?

Yes, if the Kinks do a reunion tour, I will find a way to go.

I would like to think that I would laugh

A visitor to Japan put her camera into video record mode and sent it around the sushi conveyor belt. It’s fun to watch.

The thing that always strikes me about videos like this is how few people seem to find amusement at this person’s creative engagement with her world. To me, this seems delightful, but so many people either never notice, or don’t fine amusement, it makes me a little sad.