Getting a good copy of the org-mode refcard on two-sided Letter paper

Dear lazyweb,

Perhaps this was just an oddity of my printer, but here’s what I had to do to get a good print of the org-mode refcard onto Letter paper. From within the org-mode sources, I did:

bc. make doc/orgcard_letter.tex
cd doc
tex orgcard_letter.tex
dvips -O “-.5in,.25in” -t letter -t landscape orgcard_letter.dvi

This got me a .ps file that seemed well-centered on the page. To print it, I did:

bc. ps2pdf14
evince orgcard_letter.pdf (print, duplex flipped on the short side)

I probably could have done (using lp directly, but since I was also using evince to eyeball the layout first, it was easiest to do it from there):

bc. lp -o sides=two-sided-short-edge