I just threw away…

the copy of Microsoft Word 2.0 (with Bookshelf) that came with the Gateway 486dx2/66 that Anne and I bought in 1994.

Yeah, there’s a little bit of a packrat in me.

Of course, I still have the CPU from the system, as well as a 166Mhz Alpha, sitting on my desk. Can’t get rid of the _important_ stuff.

Happy New Year

Rang it in with good food, good company, and discovering that I actually _did_ know the definition of the word “howdah”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howdah

Spent most of yesterday and today cleaning up the house. Actually, that’s understating it–it’s been purge time here at Chez Klinefelter-Dorman. That said, right now my office is a wreck, but that’s because we actually got a lot of stuff out of my old office and (assuming it’s going to be kept) into my new one so that, before too long, we can finally rip up the carpet, rip off the wallpaper and turn it into a proper yoga studio.

We’re heading to New York on Thursday. This is only the third time I’ve been there, and the first time when the trip isn’t going to be fairly heavily programmed in advance. I imagine I’ll hit a bunch of yoga classes and otherwise just walk around a bunch. No doubt I will have reports to make.