Black Sabbath press conference video

There’s really not much of particular substance here, but I just wanted to call out that when you see the table with Sabbath and Rick Rubin, against all odds, Rick Rubin is the oldest looking guy there.

Today’s bizarre youtube path

I was listening to Jeff Buckley’s _Grace_, and was looking for lyrics to “Mojo Pin”, and my quick google search included a link to a youtube video of a live performance video:

From there, I followed a link to footage from the same performance of “Last Goodbye” because, you know, it’s a lovely song:

And then things started to get weird.

See, that had a link to a video of Scarlett Johanssen doing a cover of Tom Waits’ “Yesterday is Here”:

There was no way I couldn’t check that out. Somewhat to my surprise, I was not repulsed.

From there, I follwed a link to a cover of the same song by Cat Power:

Didn’t care for that one as much, but oh what it led me to: The Flaming Lips & Cat Power performing a pretty good cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”:

Which in turn led to video of TFL doing it with Peaches:

Which was interesting mostly for its oddity (the audio quality bites, too).

But the TFL & Cat Power video *also* had a link to Sabbath performing it in Paris in 1970:

That’s pretty powerful.

It is also amusing to know that Ozzy’s stage act hasn’t changed a bit in 40 years.