Ruby On Rails 1.1 is out

Ruby On Rails 1.1 has been released.

Although I’m not using it now–my current project has too much code that’s always going to be Perl for me to consider switching languages–it’s something I’d seriously consider using for the future. It does seem silly that they just came out with a book about using it and then introduced a major upgrade, though.

Simon Willison teaches about JavaScript

Or, more accurately, taught about javascript at the ETech conference. And he has very graciously made both his slides and his notes available from his blog.

These are mostly oriented towards people who already know how to program, but haven’t taken JavaScript seriously. I’m definitely in that camp, and I found his notes to be a very clear, consise introduction to some of JS’s more advanced programming features–some of which I’d been exposed to already because of my spelunking around AJAX code, but I’d just been inferring their use rather than knowing exactly what was going on.

Coming back from being AWOL

An interesting article on coming back to things you’ve fallen away from.

Although it’s couched in terms of a graduate student and things like theses and dissertations, it all rings true for me and my experience in being AWOL from a side-project (I was AWOL from Debian far too often) or even from blogging or just keeping up with email. I think it’s influenced in part by my mildly hermetic lifestyle–it’s all too easy to draw in and ignore things–but it’s also a learned habit.