I may have to start using genre tags

Before heading to Washington, I bought an iRiver IHP-140. This is a 40GB iPod-alike that knows how to handle “OGG Vorbis”:http://xiph.org/ files, has good linux support, etc.

I’ve been fairly impressed with the unit, really–like the iPod (as I understand it) you just mount it as a drive, dump stuff on it, and, later, play it. It’s a nice accompanyment on the 30-minute walk to and from work, and it’ll be nice company on the various bits of transportation necessary to get me back home this evening (Yay!).

One feature though, is that you cna index all your tracks based on tags. One thing I have never set on my .ogg files, though, is genre, but now I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be smart for me to subvert the tag the facility a bit–rather than trying to assigning a “genre” (always a slippery thing), assign a “mood”, and let the index play with that.

Of course, I haven’t actually tried to take advantage of anything the whole indexing scheme presumably allows, so I could be full of shit.

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