Moving in day

Got up moderately early, got ready, grabbed the laptop, went to the coffee shop and read some email.

At about 9:15, I headed out to the apartment. I am moved in.

Then I had to go nearly to the far end of the red line to get to a TJ-Maxx where I picked up some sheets and a pillow (I’m sure Chet’s rolling his eyes at my negotiation skills at this point).

Made it back, dropped stuff off, turned back around and headed to Kramerbooks, which, I am inordinately please to find, is the only bookstore I’ve ever seen with a bar.

Not a coffee bar, a bar. Well, there’s a coffee bar, too, but it’s the only bookstore I’ve been in where you can get a gin and tonic. Not that I did, but I thought about it.

I did get a draft Shiner with my chicken quesidilla.

I also discovered that Hooverphonic apparently sampled the song ??Walk On By?? on their first album. I’ll check the song title when I’m in at work.

Picked up James Gleick’s biography of ??Isaac Newton??; yes, this is in anticipation of part three of ??The Baroque Cycle?? coming out next month. Chet can be disappointed with ??The Confusion?? all he wants, but I enjoyed it, and the biggest issue I’m going to have is deciding whether to schlep the first to back here so as to read it all in one go, or just read the third, and assume I’ll go through the whole thing at some future date.

Got back to the house, did all the laundry in the world while catching up on mail and the like, and then finally went to sleep.

I have a very funny picture of a very large man with a towel hanging out of his back pocket, much as one might once have expected a drug dealer to have a bandanna hanging out of his back pocket.

This guys only drug was sweat, though.

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