Every bit as bad as I’d heard

So, I have a TV in my room, and thanks to a $5 splitter, I have “more” cable than we have at home–for instance, HBO.

So, having gotten the splitter in place, and having figured out that this TV is old enough that it doesn’t just figure out that it’s attached to cable, I’ve now got ??The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?? playing.


Now, in the case of ??Big Fish??, the book and the movie are profoundly different, while being ultimately the same story–it’s a great thing when it happens, because what it means is you’re getting the story as it will best work in the respective media; ??Blade Runner?? is another instance, and there are others that I can’t bring to mind right off.

On the other hand, ??League??, the movie, has only the barest connection to the comic book–some of the same characters, the same notion of a group of such people getting together, but it is otherwise profoundly different.

And this is not a good thing, because while the comic book is clever and subtle and understated, the movie is loud and obvious and flashy and substanceless. It posits so much more than the any of the original source material–Nemo can produce any silly thing the plot needs (a fucking sea-launched ballistic missle?), while the villian has machine guns and the ability to make all of Venice collapse.


I did think Peta Wilson doing a Sean Connery imitation was brilliant, though.

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