WordPress? Perhaps.

There isn’t a lot of love lost between me and WordPress.  There are things that it sometimes seems to do specifically with the intention of driving me out of my mind.

But I am quickly getting to the point where the only other option I might consider is writing my own blogging software, again (that would be round 3, I believe), and I’m not quite prepared to fall off that particular wagon.

One quick geek note: I have, I believe, arranged my installation to support multiple discrete blogs–I hate, hate, *hate* WordPress’ pathetic attempts at multi-blog support–with one set of files.

First, I placed a copy of WordPress 3.1.2 in @/var/www/wordpress@ (I’m running on a Debian box with nginx and php-fpm).

Then, to create this site, I first created a MySQL database. Then I created a directory, @/var/www/tendentious.org@, into which I put the @wp-config.php@ for this site.  I then created a second directory, @/var/www/tendentious.org/wordpress@, and bind-mounted @/var/www/wordpress@ there.

To add a second blog, I would repeat the steps with a different directory.

This takes advantage of a feature I found in a comment when I was spelunking around the wordpress code, that suggests that the wordpress files will check the directory above them for a wp-config.php.  The bind mounts make it impossible for the code to tell that it’s not got its own copy to work with.

The one wrinkle I don’t know about is what will happen when static files are uploaded.  Right now, when you install plugins from within the browser interface, they get installed into the common directory.  That, obviously, wouldn’t work for, say, images.

Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed.