So, a long time ago, I’d do links to random Flickr tags

It was amusing, and just a little bit dangerous.

I went back to “the list”: and checked out some of the results now.

And ran across “this picture”: under the tag “wedding” that amuses me to no end.

One party looks uncertain, and the other party looks like they know it.

Tuesday Flickr blogging

Because it’s time.

So, to stimulate those neurons of yours: “boxer”:, “alabama”:, “evolution”:

Monday Flickr blogging

In honor of Chet and Erin’s wedding in Houston, I present to you “Houston”:, “wedding”:, “Erin”:, “Chet”:

Sunday Flickr blogging

In honor of my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta, I present to you “cousin”:, “wedding”:, “Atlanta”:

Sunday Flickr blogging

Yeah, yeah, Sunday Flickr blogging doesn’t actually seem to happen on Sunday that much. What can I say, though–calling it “Sunday Flickr blogging” creates *anticipation* of it happening, and that’s all you really need for marketing purposes.

So, for your amusement, disgust or apathy: “moustache”:, “carnation”:, “hendrix”:

Yeah, I’ve got Hendrix (specifically, _The Wind Cries Mary_) playing right now.

Yeah, it’s a couple of days late

Sunday Flickr blogging was delayed by my dental surgery, about which I will spare you the details other than to say that I could really get to like Vicodin. How convenient that there are so many people on the Internets who would like to sell me some.

Anyway, for your delectation, I give you “pho”:, “gums”: and “tuba”:

Sunday Flickr blogging

I’m about to head out to Huntsville, to do some work for “i.e.”: (bringing up a new server, shuffling a bunch of other stuff around, etc.), and I hope to get some “AnteSpam”: work in, but I didn’t want to miss the second installment of Sunday Flickr Blogging: “turnip”:, “whip”:, “dalmation”:

Perhaps on the plane I’ll make some headway on the several half-finished posts I have laying aroud in my head.

BTW, the kid in the dalmatian clothes is amusingly cute.

Sunday Flickr blogging

Inspired by my idea to link to pictures on “Flickr”: tagged with “Chet”, I give you the first installment of “Flickr Blogging”.

“palomino”:, “sugar”:, “torch”:

Note: This may be safe for work. Or it may not–I’m picking words out of thin air here, so there may be nothing but a big blank canvas.