When everything you know is wrong…

Despite growing up in the ’70s, I had no clear memory of the 10cc song “I’m Not in Love”; my first encounter (as far as I knew) with the song was on Tori Amos’ _Strange Little Girls_ (and I’m going to try and ignore that this album is now 9 years old–where did the time go), where, frankly, it sounds like a musical rendition of a suicide note.

When “BoingBoing”:http://boingboing.net/ linked to a documentary about the making of the song, I was intrigued enough to watch it.

Suddenly, I realized that, in fact, I did know the original version of the song, in all its treacly, soppy glory. I had just never connected *that* with Tori’s version.

What else have I missed?

Incidentally, there’s an interesting article at Sound On Sound “about the making of the track”:http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun05/articles/classictracks.htm.

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