Delay compares Houston to Iraq…

…in “a Houston Chronicle story”: The story includes this paragraph:

bq. “You know, if Houston, Texas, was held to the same standard as Iraq is held to, nobody’d go to Houston, because all this reporting coming out of the local press in Houston is violence, murders, robberies, deaths on the highways,” DeLay said.

Which prompted this exchange between “Chet”: and I:

bq. (11:13:32) Michael Alan Dorman: Shit, I didn’t know you needed a $35K escort to get to and from the airport. That’s gonna make getting to the wedding a whole lot more expensive.
(11:13:59) Chet Farmer: yeah, yeah, yeah. I got guns I can loan.
(11:14:22) Michael Alan Dorman: Guess we’d better get the full coverage on the rental, though.

I will also note that this paragraph:

bq. “Everybody that comes from Iraq is amazed at the difference of what they see on the ground and what they see on the television set.”

can be easily interepreted in two ways. The desired interpretation, no doubt, is that everyone comes from Iraq and is amazed at how negative the coverage is. But it can also be easily interpreted as people being amazed at how coverage glosses over the level of death and destruction.

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