I really hate to do it

But if you’re using sveasoft firmware in your Linksys or other router, _don’t upgrade to Talisman/Basic_.

At least, not yet. It looks good–even this first release has a number of things that look to be nice add-ons to the feature set that was in the Alchemy series–and I’m sure that it will stabilize shortly, but I blew two hours fighting it yesterday before getting it to limp along well enough to be able to download the last Alchemy release and put that back on.

I’ll probably try again in a couple of days, and at that point, I’ll take notes, and perhaps make something that more resembles a review–but this upgrade certainly wasn’t as smooth for me as upgrades within the Alchemy series have been.

If you do just feel honor bound to go ahead–or you just want to prove that you’re better at this than I am–just be sure you have a copy of an old firmware around, to save yourself some headaches.

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