Lime & Basil, Chapel Hill, NC

So, I made myself sufficiently hungry writing about “Pho Cali”:/2005/03/pho-cali-raleigh-nc.html that I was going to go there for lunch. But, I figured I’d check with Anne to see if this was going to be an unforgivable transgression, and she suggested that I drive over to Chapel Hill and try “Lime & Basil”:

I’m happy to report that it’s good. It’s not as good at Pho Cali, but it is more than acceptable, and it’s a whole lot closer. I don’t know that we’d sacrifice our weekend trips to Pho Cali to go there, but for during the week, it’s a very reasonable alternative.

Caveat: I am probably still high from all the endorphins released by the Sriracha I tend to decorate my pho with, so judge accordingly.

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