Happy New Year

I hope everyone reading is well–all two or three of you.

We had a day of beautiful weather–it was more like January in Miami than January in Durham. Of course, I spent too much of it inside playing World of Warcraft, but Anne and I still got a walk of a bit over an hour and a quarter in midafternoon.

On an amusing meta-note, I can only guess that the person who found this site by searching for “milla jovovich naked” did not get what he (presumably) was looking for, since it probably wasn’t snarky comments about ??Resident Evil??.

I’m vaguely amazed that I have enough google juice that I would show up in such a search.

Oh, and if you haven’t read ??Moneyball??, do. I don’t care if you don’t like baseball, you should still read it. I might do a more detailed review later, but for the moment, I’ll just say that JD and Cory (my sister and brother-in-law–I’m guessing the nephews, Calvin and Nigel had no direct input) got it for me for Christmas, and, well, it didn’t make it through Boxing Day. Generally nonfiction takes me longer than that.

Anyway, get some sleep. I’m going to.

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