If you want SSH for your Treo 600

I recommend, so far, “TuSSH”:http://staff.deltatee.com/~angusa/TuSSH.html. It is not perfect, but it does do SSH2, which the old standby “TGSSH”:http://online.offshore.com.ai/~iang/TGssh/ does not. I have not used TuSSH a bunch, but it appears adequate, at least for the very low-use I intend.

There are at least two other commercial alternatives, “Mocha Telnet”:http://www.mochasoft.dk/palm.html (which you can try before you buy–I have not done so yet, so I can’t tell you how good or bad it is) and Expand Beyond’s “PocketAdmin Console”:http://www.xb.com/products/pocketadmin/console/, for which a 30 day eval is available. I’ll probably get around to trying both at some point–the fact is, I’m willing to pay for a good enough app, but it will have to display significant benefits over TuSSH.

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