Maybe that’s why it was so damn incoherent.

So, it appears that, at least initially, David Lynch’s ??Mulholland Drive?? was meant to be a _TV_ series. If that weren’t absurd enough, apparently a big feature was going to be lots of cameos by Marilyn Manson.

No, I’m not kidding. I couldn’t make up stuff this silly. Look at the (unfortunately not directly linkable) March 12th entry at “Nothing Records’ March ’99 Newspage”:

I recently watched ??Mulholland Drive?? and not even a naked Naomi Watts could really make me enjoy it. Put that together with catching about 15 minutes of ??Wild At Heart?? recently (how the hell did _that_ get to basic cable!), and you really have to start wondering if David Lynch has done anything worth watching since ??Elephant Man??.

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