Jeff Beck, Live at Ronnie Scott’s

I’ve just TiVO’d and watched this for a second time in about nine months.

I have to admit to knowing a fair bit _about_ Jeff Beck, while knowing almost none of his music.

The performance here convinced me to pick up some of his best-known albums…which mostly disappointed. I guess part of my mistake was getting some of the “Jeff Beck Group” albums, because while those are certainly well known, I wasn’t particularly interested in his work with Rod Stewart. But even with the solo instrumental work, it seemed sometimes a little sterile.

But in the live context, I was blown away by his tastefulness, his craft, his absurd command of dynamics. For instance, not only is his solo on this track admirably restrained, but his backing during the the verse is amazingly rich.

And he had “Vinnie Colaiuta”: of “Catholic Girls” fame playing drums for him. And “Tal Wilkenfeld”: is both adorable, and able to keep right up with him.

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