ZOMG, Wikipedia truly knows everything

“Here is a link”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsters_of_Rock#1983_2 to the Wikipedia entry for the 1983 German Monsters of Rock concert, which was my first ever concert.

I have vague memories of _Whitesnake_, but couldn’t even tell you what they played.

_Blue Oyster Cult_ was what I was there to see, though I remember it being somewhat anticlimactic–I think I knew a lot less of their music than I had thought. I would probably enjoy it more now.

I remember enjoying _Thin Lizzy_ a lot, though it’s only in retrospect that I am glad I saw them in their last show with Phil Lynott.

I remember one _Saxon_ song, but I won’t name it for fear of dying of embarrassment.

I have remember “Paradise by Dashboard Light” only because the female performer ended up very scantily clad. John Scalzi recently tweeted wondering what a collaboration between Jim Steinman and Philip Glass would be like–I can tell you it would likely make my head explode.

_Motorhead_. I am sad to realize that I have seen Lemmy in the flesh and have no memory of it. Maybe that’s appropriate, though.

I suspect that I left before _Twisted Sister_ made it on stage, and I don’t have any idea who the hell _Cheeta_ were.

Thanks to my dad for dropping us off and picking us up afterward.

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