What really matters on the Internet

I’ve actually thought it for a while, but it took “a post”:http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/07/17/kodi-1997-2010/ by “John Scalzi”:http://whatever.scalzi.com to get me to write.

What really matters on the Internet–blogs, twitter, Facebook, what-have-you–is that it acts as a place we can remember what really matters to us.

I’ve read memorials for people’s pets–dogs, cats, what-have-you–parents, grandparents, unborn babies, friends I’ve never met and will never have a chance to meet, and they’ve all been worth all the spam and blink tags and chain letters combined.

To have a place to share our memories of those who were important to us–share them far and wide, digging deep into what they really meant to us without having to be so concerned about what people are going to think when they hear it–is a great gift, even if we don’t always recognize it.

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