Charlie Stross' Glasshouse

I “discovered” “Charlie Stross”: about, oh, 2 years ago. The first book I picked up was [“_Accelerando_”:]. I judged it to be well-written, but not entirely to my taste.

“_Iron Sunrise_”: I liked somewhat better. Not one of my favorite books of all time or anything, but a solid story, actual characters, you know, all the stuff that a good book should have.

Then I found “_The Atrocity Achives_”:, which amused me greatly. Lovecraft meets computer geek, complete with Linux, Palm Pilots and bureaucracy. Ah, joy.

So last week, in a fit of actual book buying–I do this at a much slower pace than I used to–I picked up “_Glasshouse_”: Like _Iron Sunrise_, it’s definitely more in the sci-fi thriller category, but it also does it well.

I will note that, this novel has an amusing interaction with Charlie’s “public embrace of the Bechdel Test”:

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