A fascinating video concerning abortion protesters

Someone interviewed anti-abortion protesters. The inverviewer asked them, politely, for the most part, the logical question: “If abortion were to be made illegal, what should the punishment be for those women who would have them anyway?”

Admittedly, there may have been people who had coherent, affirmative answer to the question and weren’t included in the video, but the only person who ended up in this edit that was willing to actually say yes was obviously conflicted and unhappy about saying so.
Cognitive dissonance like that is, in my experience, a sign that you’re on the wrong track–if you’re driven by your conscience to do something, but your conscience also tells you that the logical outcome of your actions is wrong, you *must* step back and reasses what you really want to achieve.

It’s definitely worth watching.

(via “Bitch Ph.D.”:http://bitchphd.blogspot.com/2008/08/in-which-i-blatantly-violate.html)

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