Happy Birthday To Me

I guess I didn’t do a last-year assessment last year. I was probably scared to.

I dunno, how do you assess, “Was this the best year ever?”

I mean some things are unambiguously good, like beginning to teach yoga: six months in an I’m still enjoying it, perhaps even becoming skillful at it. And the yoga kula continues to grow and become more cohesive, which is a great source of joy and support.

Other things are more ambiguous, like my Dad getting laid off, and the big AnteSpam upgrade six weeks ago: it’s good to have him working full-time on Ironic Design stuff, and it’s good to have the big transition done since we needed it to move forward, but damn, neither were smooth, graceful transitions _at all_.

And then there’s the stuff that is mostly just hard, and in the early stages so it’s hard to find the rewarding parts, like therapy to help me deal with 36 years of crap being swept under the rug.

That said, things seem brighter than they have in a while. I’m mostly happy, fairly together, healthy, loved and supported, and I feel like I can mostly sustain that.

Anyway, enough maudlin shit. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely head over to “Chet’s place”:http://mischeathen.com/ to see the picture “of me in all my late-80’s hirsute glory”:http://miscellaneousheathen.com/life/071016mad.html.

The only comment I’ll make is that I’ve never styled my hair–it has always done whatever it was inclined to do–so this was only a choice insofar as doing nothing is a choice. Now I keep it short so that its choices are mightily constrained.

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