Tai Chi

So a friend of mine and Anne’s wanted to take a Tai Chi class at “Inside/Out”:http://insideoutbodytherapies.com/ (where I teach yoga on Thursdays). This being one of the couple that we invited along to swing dance classes earlier this year, they invited us along to Tai Chi classes.

It’s funny how much yoga stuff I have to not do to Tai Chi correctly–it’s a much more relaxed, softer practice than yoga. So in that sense, it has been valuable to highlight habits I’ve acquired and make me think about them once again.

That said…I’m not feeling it. If everyone else is inclined to keep going, I suspect I’ll do so–it’s an hour, it’s not without value, might as well–but I doubt I’ll be arguing _for_ it.

But if you find yoga to be too much like work, you might check it out.

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