The Comprehensive _Pogo_

Walt Kelly’s _Pogo_ has never been collected in its entirety–something less than six years were collected by “Fantagraphics”: in the ’90s, but that was something less than it’s full 24-year run.

Well, they’ve decided to do to _Pogo_ what they did to Charles Schulz’ _Peanuts_ (and several other strips)–“publish the whole run, in order, in a series of hardback books”:

I’ve heard reviews of _Pogo_ that suggested that it wasn’t always as great as people remember it–and really, what is? But it’s hard to ignore a newspaper comic strip that was considered threatening enough that, “his [Kelly’s] phone was tapped and the US Government corresponded with a newspaper reporter who claimed that the eccentric patois Kelly created was a secret Russian code.”

It’s certainly a tempting option.

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Michael Alan Dorman

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