MySQL continues to play catch-up

So, slashdot had “a story about the new Falcon storage engine for MySQL”: I don’t care for MySQL for a number of reasons, but some–though not all–could be alleviated with a better storage back-end. So I cruised over to check out “the Falcon feature-set”:

Funny enough, with the exception of the next to the last point–which is a potentially non-trivial point, I admit–this is all stuff that PostgreSQL has had for years.

One day, people are going to realize that MySQL has been playing catch-up for the last few years.  The amount of effort people have to do to work around MySQL’s long-standing issues with concurrency and lack of ACID-compliance in its default configuration, and it’s lack of good performance in the configurations that _do_ have those characteristics always amazes me, especially when PostgreSQL has Simply Worked for a long, long time.

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