But could they really make it incoherent enough?

So, apparently Christopher Nolan is almost on board to “direct a movie version of _The Prisoner_”:http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=3&id=37460.

Now I don’t really remember much about the original show–even though MTV rebroadcast it while I was in college (I had no TV, and, honestly, I really didn’t miss it)–but the lasting impression I have is one of a show playing “hide the ball” with important bits of information to the point of incoherence. While I don’t mind that _per se_–and maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so had the show not had a very short run, meaning they perhaps weren’t able to explain things they intended to later–I have to wonder how that would play with mainstream movie audiences.

Still, with a good writing team, I would expect Chris Nolan to be able to make a credible go of it.

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