Haven’t looked at the stats in a while

Given my repeated and persistent absences from posting, it should come as little surprise that I also haven’t bothered to look at my web stats either. Given that this whole edifice is about my narcissistic need to make my snappy patter available to the web, how could it not hurt to find out that my never-exactly-legion fans had abandoned me?

Anyway, just because I haven’t looked at them doesn’t mean that the stats haven’t been collected, and after a week of blogging a couple of stories a day, I figured, “What the hell?”

Well, the numbers are the numbers–ultimately, I don’t believe that I’ve had 62 distinct visitors in the last 8 days, etc., etc. Most of it is probably just bot traffic, etc. But the thing that always makes this worthwhile are the searches. Sadly *Live Sex Chet* is nowhere to be found, but we do get:

1) do the heathen go to heaven?


2) two queries about “coordinates from _Feasting On Asphalt_”:/2006/08/if-you-like-alton-brown.html, which makes me think there’s an audience for someone to scribble down the coordinates and post them on a blog. Perhaps that will be me.

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