I Luv Halloween


??I Luv Halloween?? is a most violent, disgusting and hilarious book.

I mean, how else can you describe a comic in which a group of children, disgusted with the apples given them by an old lady, put razor blades in one and give it to a cop?

Or this little exchange at the end of the night:

bq. *Pig pig* Y’know that whole zombie thing you were talking about earlier?
*Finch* Did a *lot* of zombie talking earlier.
*Pig pig* About coming back as zombie slaves?
*Devil Lad* You hoping this lot’ll come back as your zombie slaves?
*Finch* I think you have to have a direct hand in killing them.
*Pig pig* Oh.
*Devil Lad* There’s still Nips.
*Pig Pig* Nah…she used to babysit me ‘n’ all, y’know?
*Devil Lad* All the more reason to want her dead.

Published by

Michael Alan Dorman

Yogi, brigand, programmer, thief, musician, Republican, cook. I leave it to you figure out which ones are accurate.