Elijah Newren distinguishes himself

I guess first I should make the observation that I don’t know who Elijah is other than “some random Gnome hacker”:http://www.gnome.org/~newren/.

However, the last couple of days in Gnome-land has involved huge, horrendous amounts of dumping on someone named Eugenia for saying some unconsidered and unkind things in the most public way possible. Lots and lots of dumping. I mean tons. It certainly seems like everyone on “Planet Gnome”:http://planet.gnome.org/ has made a comment, and though most of them have been minimally civil–no shouted obscenities, no ad hominiem attacks–I think it’s fair to say most of them feel unfairly attacked.

Elijah, though, “takes the time to try and figure out why it all happened”:http://www.gnome.org/~newren/blog/2005/03/15.

Sure, it’s all supposition, but it’s refreshing to see someone–however alone they may be–trying to step back and understand the other side’s point of view, however misguided it may actually be. I’ve witnessed a lot of Debian flame-wars (it looks like another is heating up right now) that quickly sink to the all-heat-and-no-light level.

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