It’s the current big meme

But who am I to resist?

So, the rules are, underline places you’ve lived, bold places you’ve visited, italicize where you live now. I daresay that mine is not a too-typical liberal profile, seeing as how most of the places I’ve lived in my life are “Red States”, including the place I currently live:

bq. _Alabama_ / Alaska / _Arizona_ / Arkansas / _California_ / Colorado / *Connecticut* / Delaware / _Florida_ / _Georgia_ / Hawaii / Idaho / *Illinois* / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / *Louisiana* / Maine / *Maryland* / _Massachusetts_ / *Michigan* / Minnesota / *Mississippi* / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / *New Jersey* / New Mexico / *New York* / ??North Carolina?? / North Dakota / *Ohio* / Oklahoma / Oregon / *Pennsylvania* / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / *Tennessee* / *Texas* / Utah / Vermont / _Virginia_ / Washington / West Virginia / *Wisconsin* / Wyoming / _Washington D.C_

I suspect it is also atypical that I’ve lived within spitting distance of as many places as I’ve visited (9 vs 13)–but that’s just the result of being a military brat. If you set a minimum of, say, four days on how long you had to stay somewhere before you could say you’ve visited, the number of places I’ve visited would drop dramatically. CT, MS, NY, OH and WI would all fall off, and I’d have lived more places than I’ve visited.

Oh, and should you wish to pursue the meme yourself, “this cgi”: can make it easier to do so.

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