The Eyre Affair

Oh, I don’t know that I have all that much to say about ??The Eyre Affair??. It’s lighthearted escapism that has some fun with famous literature–the idea of a Shakespeare play being put on as if it were ??The Rocky Horror Picture Show?? is awfully amusing to think about, _especially_ if the play in question is ??Richard III??.

As further proof–if ’twere needed–that nothing ever changes, there is a plotline that revolves around the fact that the Crimean war has been running continuously to “present day”–which is to say 1985–that has all sorts of weird echos in this time and place, even though the book was released in January, 2002, meaning it had to have been finished before September 11 and well before the whole subject of Iraq came up.

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Michael Alan Dorman

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