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So, the Perl 6 implementation on top of Parrot continues to chug along. At least, I suppose it does–since Piers Cawley doesn’t write his weekly summaries any more, I have no idea. I guess I need to subscribe to yet another mailing list.

However, regardless of that, a “competing” implementation is being worked on. The weird, mildly disturbing part of it is that it’s being “implemented in Haskell”:

Now I don’t have anything against Haskell, _per se_–in fact, I considered learning it as a new language, although I ended up going with C#, which is a whole other story–but everything I’ve seen about it suggests that it is, if not an anti-Perl sort of language, at least a very un-Perl sort of language. To use one to implement the other seems, masochistic.

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