The new lead paint?

So, “Slashdot has an article about paint that will help you protect your wireless network”: By lacing the paint with copper and aluminum fibers, they’re hoping to create a simple “Faraday Cage”: (hey, that’s my first-ever link to wikipedia!), thereby reducing or eliminating the amount of RF passing through your walls.

Hope you don’t watch broadcast television.

But, much more worryingly, am I the only one who remembers the decades of issues we’ve had in this country with lead paint–lead having been a great pigment for getting a nice bright white color–and small children eating the paint when it chipped off, and the neurological problems that that engendered, and at the same time remembering that copper can be poisonous, and aluminum may be connected with Alzheimer’s (though Wikipedia’s article on Aluminum suggests that that’s been refuted)?

I have heard it suggested that Rome may have systematically poisoned itself into irrelevance when they lined the aqueducts with lead. Are we considering doing a similar job?

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