Nine Inch Nails has a new album coming out

I’ve become resigned to the 5 year cycles that are all Trent seems to be able to achieve–yeah, yeah, I know that there’s always a ton of sub-releases in the intervening time (I’ve got a shelf full of them), but let’s face it: ??Pretty Hate Machine?? was 1989, ??The Downward Spiral?? was 1994, ??The Fragile?? was 1999–crap, this one’s going to be 6 years. He’s getting deep into Paul Simon territory here.

Because it’s ??NIN??, the fan community will, upon release, have to indulge in an immediate war about whether this is the best or worst album ever.

Imagine, then, my amusement at finding someone’s already released a “pre-emptive apologia”: for the album.

It will, I predict, be a fun rwar to watch, and I’m glad people are getting an early start.

Remember: ??With Teeth??

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