No rest for the wicked

This is a little tardy, but I feel I must mention that as of roughly 10 PM CST November 22, 2004, I have a new nephew, Nigel Sanford Berry.

On the subject of the name, I can only speculate that my brother in law (Hi, Cory!) didn’t think that naming his first son Calvin Rufus Berry was sufficient revenge on his parents for naming him Corlis–I wish, though, he had opted for therapy instead of a path that willguarantee his sons get beat up every day after school. It’s just a little too “sins of the grandparents” meets Darwin.

Then again, Patrick has a daughter named Hadley. Maybe it’s something in the water.

I’ve decided I’m going to call Nige “Junior”, since he shares a middle name with his dad–I have a nasty feeling that’s going to be a stand-out accomplishment in this family. I mean, what are they gonna call any daughters that turn up? Petunia Eglantine Berry? Calliope Dorothea Berry?

Just thinking of a child named Calliope makes me laugh. Boy will I feel guilty if that ever comes to pass.

Seriously, I look forward to seeing him at Christmas, no matter how bald, pink, wrinkled, noisy and smelly he may be.

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