My local NPR station has a problem with the phrase “reproductive health and rights”

A local organization was told that it would have to remove the word “rights” from its on-air sponsorship spot.

bq. The conflict between Ipas and WUNC has drawn national attention. Last month WUNC informed Ipas that it would have to remove “rights” from its on-air acknowledgement, which had read, in part, “Ipas, a Chapel Hill-based nonprofit that protects women’s reproductive health and rights at home and abroad.”

Joan Siefert Rose, WUNC’s general manager, said the phrase could be interpreted as advocating a political position, potentially running afoul of Federal Communications Commission regulations.

I have to say, I think they’re being lily-livered, and I’m not sure they deserve my money. But, it is an interesting fact that a lot of media outlets are now becoming concerned about the apparently arbitrary and capricious nature of enforcement of FCC rules; that this also involves an organization that is, you know, pro-choice, is doubly worrisome.

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