Bring out yer tinfoil hats!

!!cryptographic algorithm have put an awful lot of work into creating a more secure Linux, and now O’Reilly has a book about it.

Although my perspective is a little bit lower-level than most people–since I’m a professional sysadmin and software developer–the fact is, SELinux is almost certainly the wave of the future. Fedora Core is trying hard to ship with SELinux enabled by default–in fact, I think FC3 _does_, but I’m not sure; I do know an earlier beta did, but there were some problems.

Anyway, kids, this is the wave of the future–there is no indication that the Internet is going to do anything but get more hostile, and this is going to be an important ingredient in making sure your boxes don’t get beaten to death by the script kiddies. Consider picking up a copy yourself if you run any Linux boxes.

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