Yes, I think he’s nuts, this is just further proof

From Neil Gaiman’s journal:

bq.. If you’d like to read one of the Sandman parody issues of Cerebus, Dave [Sim] will send you one. He’ll send it to you very happily, free of charge. He will sign it for you, too. And he won’t charge you a thing. Not even postage.

And if you’re wondering what the catch is, it’s this: Dave wants to know (as, I have to admit, do I) how many of the people out there in internet-land will actually go and do things that don’t involve passively clicking on a link and going somewhere interesting. So what you have to do is write Dave a letter (not an e-mail. Dave doesn’t have e-mail) telling him that you read that he’ll send you a signed Cerebus, and telling him why you’d like him to send you a copy. It’s as easy as that. And, quite possibly as difficult.

The address to write to is:

Aardvark Vanaheim, Inc

P.O. Box 1674 Station C

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4R2

p. I just finished reading the last collection the other day. Like Neil, if I have anything significant to say, it won’t be just now (I’ll probably be mentioning why in a day or two, when things are finalized).

I do think Dave Sim is really around the bend, and I know it’ll be at least a year or two before I’ll be able to sit down and read ??Cerebus??, every word from beginning to end (and Chet, if you think that John Galt speech is long, boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet).

But here’s the thing: _I want to_. As difficult and nuts as I may think Dave Sim to be, there is a part of me that wants to start re-reading *right now*, because for all its flaws, ??Cerebus?? is a mighty artistic achievement. Even right to the very end, Dave Sim’s visual storytelling abilities amaze me. Even as ??Cerebus?? became this wierd Dave Sim monolog, I _always_ wanted to know what happened in the end.

I don’t know what higher praise I can give ??Cerebus??: I think its creator is a delusional idiot, and wild horses could not keep me from recommending it.

Me, I’m writing to Dave tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even tell him I think he’s nuts.

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