And here’s some more info on Kerry’s Health Plan

The ever-reliable Paul Krugman has “a column discussing Kerry’s Health Plan”: The point I would hope you would make to anyone in hearing range is this one:

bq. John Kerry has proposed an ambitious health care plan that would extend coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans, while reducing premiums for the insured. To pay for that plan, Mr. Kerry wants to rescind recent tax cuts for the roughly 3 percent of the population with incomes above $200,000.

I’ll just make another point. In a good year–one in which I am very busy and my clients actually pay me on time–our household income tops that $200K figure. So I’m here, as one of those 3 percent, telling you _vote for this man_. _We don’t need the extra money, we’d just spend it on alcohol and expensive kitchen implements_. Don’t let us do these irresponsible things–vote Kerry!

At least read the article.

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