Things you learn on IMDB

First, Ozzy Osbourne was apparently “very seriously injured”: in what sounds like a daft accident.

I’ve watched the Osbournes precisely once. I can understand the amusement factor, but it made me kind of sad to see Ozzy being portrayed as a mumbling, bumbling buffoon, even if he knew it was being done and didn’t mind.

I sincerely hope he recovers completely–I think he’s a very important person in the history of rock and roll.

I know it sounds silly, given popular perception of the music he’s made, but I think a lot of those perceptions are a result of the sheer number of slavish imitators and mediocre knock-offs of his early stuff, both with Black Sabbath and on his own. It would be like talking about Led Zeppelin based on listening to Whitesnake or Kingdom Come–Black Sabbath, right up to the bitter end of his tenure with them, is unlike anything before or since.

In lighter news (considering it must be one of the signs of the impending end of the world), Baz Luhrmann is working on a movie about Alexander the Great “starring Leanardo di Caprio and Nicole Kidman”: while Oliver Stone is working on one starring “rather a larger number of famous people”:

Stop. Think. _Baz Luhrmann_ and _Oliver Stone_ are both working on a picture about Alexander the Great.

Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

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