How does one do it?

So some super-gigantic catastrophe severed some huge wad of fiber somewhere in my general area, and I find myself without high-speed connectivity.

Even ignoring the fact that I was all stoked yesterday to start on a project that was going to involve doing a lot of programming on another system, it’s frustrating as hell to have to slow down to dialup speeds.

More frustrating, though, is the fact that what I *really* would like to do is have multiple connections–DSL, cable, backup dial-up–that all converge into one box, and which intelligently fails over (or multipaths). You can do this with a Linux box–and it’s not like I’ve not run a Linux box as my gateway before–but finding a Linux box that is as quiet as my Linksys box would be virtually impossible. And now that I’ve got things this quiet in here, I’m loathe to go back to the perpetually screaming fans situation.

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