WordPress, day 3

I finally found something to make me want to wail and gnash my teeth.

Having exported the content from Movable Type, I spent some time working on a script to clean up that content–I had made some errors when I move to Movable Type that meant my articles were often not in the format I wanted them to be, so I took the time to correct that, getting everything moved back to its original Textile source, and even converting some things that had started life as hand-written HTML to Textile.

And then I did the import and everything seemed to go well…except.

The WordPress importer seems to have pulled out all “extra” line-feeds, meaning that my posts end up formatted with a lot of line-break tags rather than proper paragraphs.

In the short term, I’ll live with it. In the longer term, I’m probably going to be exporting and then importing this blog into a multi-blog setup, so I can probably do some text-hacking to resolve the issue then.

What worries me is what this means for possibly moving over Chet’s blog. Re-doing his posts that are in Markdown is not in the cards–there’s just too many–and the WordPress export/import format is a wordy mess for trying to generate yourself.