I can certainly understand why people were unhappy about the IBM/Lenovo deal…

And yet, my experience in having my T43p serviced last week–the fan had started being noisy, sometimes obtrusively so, several months ago, but sounded like it was truly dying on Sunday morning–was virtually identical to having my T22 serviced three years ago:

* I called, described the problem, they agreed there was a problem

* They sent a box, which arrived the next day

* I put the laptop and dropped off at a collection point

* The laptop arrived at the repair center the next day

* The laptop was repaired that same day

* The laptop was shipped back to me that same day

* The laptop arrived the next day, fixed

Well, OK, this time I called on Sunday, so the box didn’t get sent until Monday. And then I didn’t have a chance to actually get the laptop boxed up and sent until Thursday. And I didn’t hear the DHL guy ring the doorbell yesterday morning, so I ended up going to the DHL depot to pick it up.

But all of those differences were my responsibility. From where I sit, Lenovo handled this issue just as well as IBM did my last issue, and I once again have a laptop that is virtually silent.

So yeah, I’d buy another one.

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